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For the majority of properties, Solar panels typically fall within what are known as ‘permitted development rights’. This means that, if a solar panel or system is more or less flush with an existing roof, the council will not ask for a planning application.

The planning authority will assess what visual impact, if any, solar photovoltaic systems would have on the local amenity. Systems can be designed so visual impact is minimised. For example, some systems can be intergrated flush to the roof and when this occurs they are no more intrusive than a roof light( velex window/window in the roof). This is most cost effective when the system is part of a new build development rather than when being retrofitted on an existing building.

Planning permission may be required if the installation projects significantly beyond the roof plane where it faces a public right of way or the solar array so enlarges the roof or property that it exceeds the permitted development limit. Solar arrays that face away from the roads and footpaths are unlikely to need a planning application.

A major part of each project is the planning application stage which may often take the largest part of the project duration. Fortunately planners are increasingly looking favourably to small time scale renewables.



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